member of Robin Hood's gang

I hate the Sheriff
I hate Gisborne too

Do you think taxes pay for themselves?
People sweat for them,
give their lives for them,
and when they save up enough they can't even afford
a decent piece of meat.


independent RP blog for BBC Robin Hood's Will Scarlett, pre-s2 finale

to the good people that we must leave behind


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1. What’s your name? 


2. When is your birthday?

March 7th

3. Where are you from?


4. Have a crush?

Not really, not anymore

5. What’s your favorite color?

Erm, blue, red and purple

6. Write something in caps?


7. Got a favorite band/artist?

Taylor Swift, Bastille and Florence and the Machine I think?

8. Favorite number?


9. Favorite drink?

Water & coffee probably

10. Tag Ten People: Idk who’s done this and who hasn’t though? So whoever wants to


I swear I do plan on coming back here and doing some rping at some point but I’m still not really feeling the muse like I should so, in the meantime, if anyone needs/wants me, I’ll either be on my personal or here.

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"There is something of the wolf about you... You burn like the sun."
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Okay guys, I was watching a film so I got distracted but it’s after 4am now so I should sleep. I might turn this hiatus into more of a semi hiatus and come on every few days to do little things/asks etc, I’m a bit undecided. But for now,sleep. I love you guys,goodnight!

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A double date where the two couples build pillow forts and fire foam pellets at each other from across the room in an attempt to take the other couple’s fort. 

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Danielle sneaked up on Will on her tiptoes, being as quiet as she possibly good. Getting as close as she could without being noticed, she gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Happy birthday my lovely Will!!" She smiled widely, holding out a crudely wrapped present, which had clearly been wrapped by herself.

The young outlaw had been focused on his own chores that even though he had thought he had heard something, he didn’t bother looking up originally. Though when Danielle kissed his cheek, Will looked at her with his eyebrows raised and cheeks rosy. “Oh…I…you didn’t have to.” He mumbled,chuckling softly as he shook his head. Still, he gave her a grateful smile as he carefully took the present from her, not fazed by the state of the wrapping. “You’re too sweet.”


"I heard it through the grapevine it was someone’s birthday today," Jenna informed Will as she offered him the cupcake. "Surprise!"

"You did? Oh,ha, well, um, yeah, yeah it is…" Will nodded, laughing a little awkwardly. Still, he smiled as he looked at the cupcake she offered him. "Oh, well, thanks! That looks great… We can share it though, if you want?"

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"Special Delivery!" -Robin-of-the-kings-guard (or shadow-of-sherwood, if you want)

Send “Special Delivery!” to see my muse’s reaction to yours showing up on their doorstep with…

12. A video camera pointed in my muse’s face

With his friend pushing the camera, Will gave a highly unimpressed look and shook his head. Honestly, what was the point of this? Still, he gave an insincere smile to the camera. “If you don’t get that thing out of my face, you know I’m just going to take it off you right?” The tone may have been teasing, yes, but the words still held some truth.

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"Special Delivery!"

Send “Special Delivery!” to see my muse’s reaction to yours showing up on their doorstep with…

19. A boombox

As Will stepped back to let her in, he looked at her with a mixture of confusion and surprise as he gestured to the boombox on her shoulder before simply laughing in disbelief. “Well, I,ah,didn’t realise we were having an eighties dance party…” He remarked, head tilted slightly to the side. “Where on earth did you find that?”

"Special delivery!"

Send “Special Delivery!” to see my muse’s reaction to yours showing up on their doorstep with…

5. A kitten

When Will first opened the door to the blonde stranger, he paused, looking at her in confusion for a moment. Though, when he actually glanced down at the mewing bundle in her arms,  he fell silent for a moment, eyes wide before he slowly lifted his gaze back to her face,  albeit almost hesitantly. “I…I don’t un-…. Um, my apologies, can I help you and your…friend?”

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